Images of Framed and Free Standing Castings

Framing Styles and Additional

Casting Style Sculptures

Shadow Box 1 - Double Window Large 5 x 7 opening

Frames come in White – Black – Brown – Gray Wash

Castings include engraving with a claw hook hanger.

All mounting is done with museum quality, acid-free

matting, having three to four layers with foam core


Shadow Box 2 - Triple Window Small 4 x 6 opening

A happy client.

Three-dimensional casting keepsake in Extra Large. Double frame with engraving.

Photographs are provided by the client and may be sent in a week after the casting is complete.

Shadow Box 3 - Triple Window - 4 x 6 opening

Shadow Box 4 - Triple Window Large 5 x 7 opening

Deep 3 in. frame with simple straight lines.

The client requested a lock of hair to be included as was the decoration on the right side.

Finished in museum quality matting and sealed from dust in the back.

Shadow Box 5 - Triple Window

Shallow Shadow Box 7 - to fit Raised Impression Display

The frame size for “press casting” depends on the child's age.

The matting opening is dependent on the size required to display stone keepsake.

Standard colours for matting are pink and blue, but other choices are available.

Deep Shadow box with Large Photograph – two hands/two feet in display

Large Deep Frame

A large image was printed to display the baby's feet and hands.

Glass and two mats as well as a foam were used as well as foam core to glue the photograph on to.

Shadow Box 8 - Window 5 x 7 opening in an 8 x 10 opening – straight deep frame.

Large Shallow Frame 9 with small picture – custom mat design for Cloud Medallion

Children two years and up may require custom design frame size.

Crimped edges (cloud medallion) are optional as are openings for photographs.

Raised impression castings may be done in a variety of styles: heart, oval, rectangle, or as requested.

Handwritten signatures on matting are an option over engraving.

Medallion 10 Raised Impressions

Framed Medallion 11 – V groove inside top mat – Black mat for display

8 x 10 V groove matt opening in Gray/Blue wash frame.

Shadow Box 11 - Pet Casting Triple Window 4 x 6 cut out

Pet castings require a gentle touch and patience.

The client should be asked to clip nails and trim hair around the paw.

Display methods may be one, two, or three windows, depending on whether the photograph is to be included.

12 - Group or Friendship Casting Sculpture on wood or granite base

Group or Family Castings are done on a tabletop with alginate and plaster bandage re-enforcement.

13 - Three children Group Casting on granite

14 Engagement Style – Tabletop casting on granite

15 Mother and Child on granite ( engraving and photo optional)

16 Golfers Trophy - Advanced Casting – special requests only

Golfer hands holding a club

The head of the club, the pin, and the ball are inserted into the base. Photograph provided by the client.

17 Engagement Casting- in Frame

Advanced Casting – Special Request Only

This 4-inch-deep shadow box was made specifically for the depth required.

The material used for the engagement sculpture is a mixture of plaster and fibres and the background has a textured effect.

18 Ballerina Casting Secured to Marble

Advanced Casting – Special Requests Only

Ballerina wears ballet shoes at the time of casting.

Each foot is cast separately.

Finished with colour wash and inserted into a marble base. The two feet are joined.

19 Prenatal Belly Casting Style

Prenatal Castings may include one, two or three hands.

Prices will vary according to the number of hands. Siblings may be added by casting separately and glued on.

Wire for hanging is included as is the flat white finish.

Additional patina colours are available including faux bronze.

20 Plaster Bandage Dress Style Casting with Sibling Hands Attached

21 Couple Casting in a variety of colours

22 Couple Casting (Engagement, Anniversary) table top on granite display

23 Silver Finger Print Jewelry

Advanced Class Only

Silver fingerprint jewelry is available in a variety of styles and shapes.

The design and weight of silver determine the cost.

24 True Bronze Belly Cast – Starting at $1450

Real Bronze Belly Sculpture

The process is completed at a metal foundry. By request.

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